As an adhesive labels manufacturer, we can offer a wide range of adhesive products made from a combination of materials with partial adhesive coating.

We produce self-adhesive label blanks for food and industrial goods, packaging – bar coding, product descriptions, labels for scales, using materials such as: paper sticker, PE sticker, BOPP sticker, PET sticker, thermo eco, thermo top, vellum, coat.

We are the only manufacturer in Lithuania of Linerless adhesive labels without a base.

We cooperate with well-known suppliers of raw materials in Western Europe: Ahlstrom, Ricoh, Mitsubishi, UPM-Kymmene, Koehler, Henkel, Evonik, Technomelt, JTK.


Adhesive blank labels in rolls


Special offset paper suitable for inkjet, flexographic, digital, offset printing.


Coated paper glossy or semi-glossy. Suitable for inkjet, flexographic, digital, offset printing.

Thermal Eco

Paper suitable for direct thermal transfer printers or scales with integrated printers.

The printing on them is done by means of thermal transfer, direct thermal effect.

Thermal TOP

Dual-coating paper suitable for direct thermal transfer printers or scales with integrated printers, flexographic, digital, offset printing.

The printing on them is done by means of thermal transfer, direct thermal effect.


We have a state-of-the-art flexographic-offset printing line. We can offer you the highest quality self-adhesive labels to be applied directly on your product or packaging.

Linerless Labels

Linerless labels are self-adhesive labels without a backing (without a protective layer to prevent sticking). Manufactured by applying a special material to the printable surface to prevent the adhesive layer from sticking to the printable surface. Linerless – label of unlimited length. Labels of different lengths are produced using the same width of roll. The length of the label depends on the amount of information printed.

– Label size (width x length). You won’t need as many types of labels as you need to print a label of the right length.
– Changing the roller machine is reduced several times.
– Linerless labels roll up to twice the printable area.
– No waste left after using labels.
– Reduces storage costs by eliminating the need for a warehouse of labels of different sizes; printing uses less label space.
– Occupational Safety. Less risk of injury to the operator. Slippage and cutting with retained siliconized paper is avoided.
– You’ll pay more than double the pollution charge – the weight of Linerless and standard labels is about 40% the same. Only the area you want to print will always be printed, no blank area will be printed.

Adhesive labels in sheets

38x21,2 mm 65 labels/A4 format Word doc.
52,5x21,2 mm 56 labels/A4 format Word doc.
52,5x29,7 mm 40 labels/A4 format Word doc.
70x37,1 mm 24 labels/A4 format Word doc.
70x42,3 mm 21 labels/A4 format Word doc.
70x50,8 mm 15 labels/A4 format Word doc.
99,1x38,1 mm 14 labels/A4 format Word doc.
97x42,3 mm 12 labels/A4 format Word doc.
105x48 mm 12 labels/A4 format Word doc.
105x57 mm 10 labels/A4 format Word doc.
105x74 mm 8 labels/A4 format Word doc.
105x148,5 mm 4 labels/A4 format Word doc.
192x59,1 mm 4 labels/A4 format Word doc.
210x148,5 mm 2 labels/A4 format Word doc.
210x297 mm 1 labels/A4 format



We are constantly expanding, so we are always looking for a complement to our team.

Send us your resume and specify your position and we will invite you to a job interview.

We are currently looking for:

Flexographic printing machine operators
Self-adhesive label crossing operators
Warehouse workers

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